Monday, December 3, 2007

Valknitz review

so due to my wonderful yarn site trolling skillz....i found a new yarn shop. its in montoursville, which is a drive, but oh so very worth it! first: to get there, you take the HALLS PENNSDALE exit of of 180, then just drive straight till you see fairfield ford on the left. valknitz is on the right, in a little mini mall type plaza. its past the mall, about 2.5 miles. when you walk in there is an EXPLOSION of color!(as there SHOULD be in a yarn shop) i was waited on by Sally, who seems to be a nice and friendly (and helpful!) long as you KNIT. when i said i crocheted, she said "well, your young, you'll learn" i then told her i know HOW to knit....i just dont like it. (oh the WHOMANITY!!!!!!!(yeah, the grinch is on a loop here....)you would have thought i said i didnt like BABIES! or small animals or was terrible. luckily there was another woman there who said she also crocheted, but she was holding knitting. I USE 3 TIMES AS MUCH YARN.....CATER TO ME!!!!!!!!! oh well, i bought (ok princess picked it out) some cascade 220, which is yummo wool. it was 6.60 and tax, i thought that was fairly decent, but what do i know, im just a CROCHETER. its ok though, i will definitely go back. another of my skills is ignoring the less intelligent. yeah, im horrible. heres a picture of my new 220:

its clickable....