Wednesday, March 5, 2008

so much has gone on.....
for starters, we didnt have internet for 3 weeks. ! why? because that sweater i made for someone (last post) well....the womans check bounced! how annoying. oh well, she is making it right and thats all that matters; right?
ManToy and i decided to join a gym, cause we are getting a little bit LARGE and not so in charge. i weigh 220, he weighs 191. i have decided to keep up my motivation, when i lose 20 lbs, i am buying myself a new mp3 player. i like mine, but its not what i want.
princess dirtyfeet has new friends, 6 of them. MT had given her a christmas gift of a fish tank, so we (finally) got that set up. its all goldfish. she loves it though, and thats what counts.