Wednesday, May 30, 2007


we haven't been doing too much lately, kidlet went thru a period of not sleeping between 12 midnight and 4 am........its much better now. so big daddy n i have been catching up on our sleep too.
i've also been prepping stuff for our yardsale, its happening in (count em) 3 days!!! yikes! most everything is priced, and ready to go tho; so that is a relief.
princess has decided she is ADDICTED to "over the hedge" no really, i can quote it in my sleep.....whole passages no less.
i have made a bunch of buttons for the yardsale, no crochet tho. (shame on me) i just didnt make enough time. i have been trying to make a BICO sweater for a baby that should be here soon. its not going well. i think i make alot of patterns harder than they are, but it is my first wearable.
ive also made a few things for my secret pal over at the 'ville. i hope she likes everything!

Friday, May 18, 2007

wish case anyones wondering.....

My Wish List

my amazon wish list.....

i havent been working on much i can show, as i am involved with the crochetville ( secret pals swap. i think my KSP and i are going to get along well. my UKSP hasnt given me many hints, that is for sure. i did finish a baby blankie. soon enough i will take a pic and post.........
seems like with princess not sleeping as well, i dont have the crochet time i used to.
i bought some knitting needles. i am going to attempt to learn how to knit. i swear. someday.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

pictures pictures!!!

finally i have managed to dump my photos off the digi, and later add them to photobucket yay!

the butterflies now reside on my moms bedroom curtain. many many months ago she requested a floppy red and purple hat. i made said hat in red with a purple butterfly, and since then she has requested more and more butterflies..... i made her 28 for mothers day, one for every year shes been a mom. i used all from my stash, from hemp twine (i dont reccomend this!) to homespun to some boucle (lionspun most likely)

shes very happy with them

the duck i posted about previously, as well as dd's blankie. the blankie is well loved, however it is sorta huge, so she cant drag it around like she wishes she could...... oops :)

the 2 beanies are for a 15 yr old boy who was recently diagnosed with cancer. i hope they bring him some comfort.... one is RHSS the other is lionbrand jiffy in grass green.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

hats and blankies oh my!

i made the duck the other night. i will be making more of them and tossing one in each babys gift. if id stop you know, cleaning, cooking and being a mom, would only take me about 30 - 45 minutes. in reality (where i live) it was 1 1/2 hrs!
princess has discovered the delight of throwing sand. oh yippee.
i let her play in the sink whilst i cook dinner. shes entertained, and out of my hair and i dont have to worry about dumping hot something or other on her. last night, she leaned over to take a drink out of the faucet...where she learned that i have no idea, as i use a glass. i think big daddy does manly stuff like that when im not looking. except she doesnt get the whole concept and she soaked her entire left side of her head. shes looking at me thru dripping curls and im laughing so hard i cant even cook...... it was awesome.
i made 2 hats for a 15 yr old boy with cancer, i dont know it seems like there are alot more kids getting cancer now, or maybe im just more aware.
i am on the last row of the lighter pink on the starghan, then a row of turqua and a row of varigated. yay! hopefully it will be done this week!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

a whole lotta hooking

so, i am ALMOST done with princess' starghan. i swear. i used one whole skein of the darker pink, and im almost finished with the skein of lighter pink. its definitely obnoxious. And i started a duck. i found the pattern on crochetville;by EEBRS. (her blog)
princess fell down the stairs the other day....shes fine, not even a brain bruise. we have repeatedly told her not to play on the stairs, but kids are like that. somewhere nice and safe to play?? nah, thats boring. lets go to the ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD! (if you dont know what im talking about; its been far too long since youve seen "the lion king".
big daddy has a new job, working well so far. hes out of my hair, and to me, thats what counts.
i have planned out the next baby blankie. i have to make 2 blue ones, since there are 2 boys on the way. i suppose i could go green, but i have 2 skeins of blue already.... i am making a shell one. i am getting a little burnt on the stars. i have made 3 in less than 3 months, not to mention all the other stuff .
i need to finish sewing in the lining on the FBB for the old aunt. and start planning evryones xmas gifts. seems so early.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

i made dumb box brownies cause thats what i do. but i added chocolate chips. that should count for something, right? i recieved a new cookbook in the mail today too.....big daddy says " i thought you werent buying anymore?" i didnt! i swear!! they just sent it to me. and im not going to GIVE IT BACK! its mine now!!!
a friend of mine (roughneck!) was killed last year on may 12. as it gets closer to that date, i cant sleep for thinking of him........ guess it goes without saying i loved him in my own special way. i finished moms motherday gift, ill prolly send tmrw or so....depends on princess kidlet.
blake is still on idol and i love me some blake...... hes my favorite. BLAKE IS THE NEXT IDOL!!! darnit. cause i say so.
still working on the starghan monster. i want to use at least 1 skein of each of the pinks, then see how big it is.
i crocheted something with hemp twine last night. just to see if i could. i dont reccommend it. it tore up my hand.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

stuff n things

today we had dinner over at the inlaws....mama inlaw is out of town, so it was pizza night. i was not that impressed with papa johns, but i do dig the fact you can order online and pay with your cc....handy for those late night cravings.
after dinner we hung out and admired the new dish setup on the rentinlaws. i am not that impressed, i have basic cable and i get more channels. oh well, its their money, not mine.
i am still working on princess' starghan, i am making it with RHSS cause she doesnt need fancy yarn. (says me) the colors are pretty n pink, turqua and shocking pink. for the center and last rows i am using this REALLY funky varigated that i found in the bottom of the stash tote.
still working on moms mothers day gifty, the paint is drying as we speak.
i am thinking i will make a throw for the couch we dont have (yet) next. i have 6 skeins of tudor homespun that are calling my name.
i really need to bite the bullet and sew the lining into the latest FBB, its a very pretty blue suede for a xmas gift.
i picked up some turkeyhill white peach tea today....i think its my new crack.

all about me

i am a 25 year old SAHM. i live in central pa in the susquehanna valley. i recently moved here from potter county pa. to be with the man of my dreams; big daddy. my dd, princess; is 2, veryvery 2. shes a bit of a tyrant, but cute and funny, so she gets away with it. i crochet and make hemp jewelry and i know how to do lots of other stuff that i dont do. like gardening and sewing. feel free to contact me with any other questions.......