Thursday, June 14, 2007


bettycrackpot --


A lewd street performer

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

i can deal with the street performer part, but the lewd has got to go, yo....


i am being spoiled by my secret pal. i recieved a box from her awhile ago, but i am a horrible person and forgot to post about it. ( I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON! PRAY YOUR CHILDREN DONT GROW UP TO BE LIKE ME!!!)
she sent lots of yummy yarn, and some snacks ( to keep my strength up while i crochet) and 2 cute little wool crocheted bags and some stickers some squirtie toys that princess snatched up as soon as i finished taking the pic. ( yeah, thats her chubby lil leg) and a "message center" with a magnetic memo board and magnetic to do list and two butterfly magnets! woo hoo!!!!
i lil heart my secret pal....whomever you are!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

the sweater that will not die!

so i did NOT finish that dumb BICO in time. whatev, it can go in the stash of made crap if i need a quickie gift. but i cant seem to bring my self to finish it. all that needs to be done is the left placket and the trim. oh, and i think it may end up being lilys, i can make it just a bit bigger by adding stripes down the sides.... and she loves it. i hate the yarn i am using to make it. i mean i like the yarn normally, but not for this pattern, its too floofy. ( im using red heart baby clouds)
i have sort of hit a wall anyways, i have lots of stuff im working on; and stuff that NEEDS to be started YESTERDAY....but i dont wanna. i dont want to knit, i dont want to crochet. i dont even want to sew. im feeling kinda mean and petty actually.
" screw you and your dumb baby...i dont get one!" isnt that terrible? i dont neccessarily WANT a (nother) baby right now, but i sort of do. i wish i could see into the future and know everything will work out, we WILL get out of debt, and we WILL make something of our lives and I WILL FINISH THIS DAMM SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr. blech! i need to make dinner now.