Sunday, July 22, 2007

harry potter 7 *spoilers are distinctly possible*

not that anyone reads this, but i went friday night at 1130 to ye local bookstore... bought book and was home by 1 am. i finished the book by 5 am. it was amazingly good, and many questions were answered. i was shocked and dismayed by the death of dobby, and of fred. lupin and tonks.... c'mon we all knew that would happen. the baby was a shocker, but im glad they got married and were happy for a little while.
i must be one of the few that LIKED the epilouge, it was nice to find out thet the couples did get married and live happily ever after.

in other news, i have been working on a few things, mainly charity squares.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

all the goodies!!! (lots of pics!)

lookit all this BEEYOOTIFULL! stuff!!! kathy (my new bff) sent me a fabulous reveal box! included were some yummy candles, 9 (9!) pattern books, 3 skeins of supercotton, and a TON of sugar n cream in all different colourways! AND some gorgeous hand dyed wool and some saftey goggles, so i can shave again! shes sooooo thoughtful that way!!! and some coffee and rubs for the grill (ohhhh boy!) and a cutter pendant and 2 books and a sippy cuppy for princess!!! (sippy cuppy was immediately grabbed and loved, which is why its not pictured.also in the box was a "v" magnet. im impressed, as the letter "V" can be hard to find! and a mini notepad and pen set!

also, i recently purchased a bag of mill ends...just cause it was PRETTY! (yeah, sometimes i buy yarn for that reason...) now, i want to know what it is... does anyone recognize it?


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

holy bananas cookie girl!

alot has happened since i last posted.... i shot myself in the eye with some gillette. yeah. you can stop laughing now. anyways, because of the "incident" as i call it; i was NOT ALLOWED to: crochet, watch tv, read, drive, do anything in "bright" light (that means grocery shopping for fun is out) and no computer. yeah. ok, for real, stop laughing. i had to go to the HOSPITAL..... and they flipped my eyelid inside out, which i had not done since i was about 14....maybe 16. its not nearly as cool now.
but i am better now. and have commenced a flurry of activity in which, ive really not done jackshit.(im VERY good at not doing jackshit) ive started a couple of items, a fatbottom bag for myself, another crocheted duck (the babies need prezzies, no matter how skanky the mommy) oh and i recieved my reveal TODAY from my secret pal. i'll have to post later with fabulous pictures of all the fabulous stuff she gave me!
saturday is my family reunion. i need to make SOMETHING for the white elephant sale/auction and make some sort of yummy something as it is potluck/bring a dish to pass. the problem: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO MAKE. i used to be able to whip up cherries i live too far away for that, it has to stay cold. thinking cookies. but what kind should i make???? ARGH!!!!!!!! makes me wanna buy a bag of chips and call it a day.