Friday, October 26, 2007


ok here are my WIPs, FOs and my REVEAL from my SP

Thursday, October 25, 2007

yeah, im a little late to the game. oops. ill stay pink too.

i have been working on xmas gifts and trying to get a bunch of WIPS finished. i recieved a little surprise from my SP yesterday, the book CANDY CROCHET that i have wanted FOREVER. i am so excited! princess dirtyfeet informed great grandma last night that "mommys making me a princess coat!" ( great grandma had to see it then, and big daddy was sent to fetch the book.) as soon as i get well on my way with the test sweater, i will start it, probably. maybe. it may wait until after xmas.
i am going to try and make "in the navy" (sweater) for lil' burt. but who knows.
AND my SP said my reveal is on the way! YAY!!!!!!!!! ( i already know who she is, but thats ok! im still excited!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ack!!!!!!! im drowning in yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, not really. but it FEELS like that. seems i lost my mojo there for a minute. and now its full force! i cant seem to finish anything, cause i keep having new ideas. normally, this would only be mildly annoying......except........ i ONLY HAVE 60 DAYS TILL XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

its ok, ill get it done. now, back to crocheting.

i made 2 scarves, one with fancy fur, im calling "window panes" and one with (wait for it.....) FLEECE STRIPS. YES, fleece strips! i am calling it "bubbles" it was originally made for a little girl i know, but i think it may be too short. i should take a picture. (pretend, ok? use your 'magination!)
i will be making it again, as i did not write down the pattern. oh well. good thing i like to crochet!

i frogged the original FBB in canyon print, as i didn't use stitch markers, and therefore lost my place. dammit. oh well. i redid it in the car yesterday, and i am almost to the even rows, so if i just sit and DO it, then its a quick project.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WIP update

as of last night, i have
the sweater for lily
the felted tote. (well, the stitch work anyways)
and i have decided to FROG the BABY BLANKET FROM HADES!!!!!!!!!
they are getting a round ripple, its quicker and not nearly as mind numbingly boring.
i joined the SKY CAL over at crochetville, it is fun, we get points for different things we do.
i also joined the CARDCLUB CAL. julie gives us a MYSTERY project and we also send hi there cards to each other. the card part should last about 5 months based on my calculations! yay!!! fun!!!
i will post up pictures later, i will probably finish the blue FBB today as well, everything is in the washer right now.


1. my 2yr old DDs jacket. i am testing a pattern for one of the wunnerful designers on here. this is about 90% done, i need to add a few more "length" rows and an edging. i am using redheart giant (12 oz skein) in dream print. (its pink and purple)

2. a throw for our (formerly invisible) couch. it is about 75% done. i am using 2 strands of homespun in TUDOR and a Q hook. its single crochet, and i am mostly just bored with it. (its huge!!!) ok, this one is a UFO. i started it a while ago......more than 3 months. but we didnt have a couch.....soooooo.........yeah. (*ahem. moving on)

3. FBB in lion suede. CANYON PRINT. i just started this before mom and her crazy yarn buying spree. (really, i had to buy another tote!) its a xmas gift, so i guess i better get on it. im in the increasing 10% done or so......

4. FBB in suede. DENIM. ok, this is done, lined and i just need to sew in the handles. but i need to wash it first. (why isnt this done yet???) another xmas gift......yes, ALL the women in my family are getting one. they said please.

5. baby blanket for mom's friends son. in SC. with a K hook. its bernat baby coordinates sweet stripes in CANDY PRINT. (pink n purple) ugh. i hate this. i wish mom didnt like the pattern so much. maybe i will frog what i have and start over with DC or TRC......any suggestions?? its only about 3 rows in.....

6. my UKSP sent me a beeeyoootiful felted tote. mom decided she must have one too. its about 40% done. i am using redheart RAGDOLL in PUNCH. it got pushed aside for number 1